Alumni Ambassador Fall 2019

AC Study Abroad Program: TISLP Summer 2019

Host City & Country: Tainan, Taiwan

Home University: University of Virginia

The most vital experiences I had in Taiwan were made possible by the language skills I acquired through the TISLP program. Through adjusting to only speaking Mandarin, we were able to make connections with the locals, so much so that they would recognize me and my friends and stop to have conversations, from our dorm’s doorman to the bakery lady we would go to every morning for breakfast. By the end of the two months, they were as sad to see us go as we were to leave.

E-Advising Topics: General Program Inquiries, Mental Health and Wellness, Living with a Host Family, Physical Health and Wellness, Dormitory Housing, Traveling as a Woman, Budgeting On-Program, Language Learning

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