Alumni Ambassador Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

AC Study Abroad Program: RLASP Summer 2019

Host City & Country: Vladimir, Russia

Home University: College of William & Mary

I went to Russia in order to gain a deeper understanding of Russian culture, history and language. During my study abroad program I was able to travel to multiple cities in Russia, using my developing language skills to navigate transportation, historical sites, and shopping on my own. A definite highlight of my experience abroad was the end of the semester trip to Sochi. During this trip all the students in Russia got together and there were many excursions to cool places such as tea and bee farms, fisheries and mountain hikes. I can’t point to one favorite memory abroad as the entire experience was one amazing adventure. What I most enjoyed was simply sitting around the table in the evening with my host mom or Russian friends, drinking tea and talking. In those moments I was able to learn the most about Russian culture while working on my language skills.

E-Advising Topics: General Program Inquiries, Mental Health and Wellness, Living with a Host Family, Vegetarian/Vegan, Physical Health and Wellness, Traveling as a Woman, Religion, Language Learning

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