Alumni Ambassador Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

AC Study Abroad Program: TISLP Summer 2017

Host City: Tainan, Taiwan

Home University: New College of Florida

My choice to study abroad on the Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program was motivated by the desire to make great leaps in language ability in a short amount of time. I have never put so much concentrated time and effort into learning a language. Apart from gains in listening comprehension, fluency, and comfort in speaking Chinese, I developed effective and efficient strategies for learning on a time crunch. As part of the immersive experience, each of us was assigned a Taiwanese graduate student to live with in a college dorm. When I first met my roommate, he seemed hesitant about me. It didn’t help that I was bound by a language contract and a very limited speaking ability, so the first two weeks we didn’t speak much. I assumed that my living situation was doomed to be awkward, but eventually we discovered we shared a common love: food! He regularly went out of his way to take me to unique, local restaurants, give me tours of the outskirts of Tainan, and introduce me to dishes that I only could have tried with his help. Without my roommate, my whole study abroad experience would have been all the more shallow, and I’m proud to call him my friend.

E-Advising Topics: General Program Inquiries, First Generation, Race and Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Language Learning

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