Alumni Ambassador Summer 2020

AC Study Abroad Program: IOP Spring 2020

Host City: Malang, Indonesia

Home University: Stanford University

I decided to participate on the Indonesian Overseas Program because I wanted to intensively study Bahasa Indonesia. During the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to intern in Jakarta. The most meaningful part of my experience was the relationships I formed with my colleagues at the NGO I worked for. However, I realized that my lack of adequate language skills limited the depth of some of my relationships with some colleagues who did not speak Indonesian, and limited the depth of my research potential. Although I did not know any Indonesian when I started the IOP program, my teachers’ instruction and langauge tutor’s support enabled me to quickly learn the language. During my time both in Malang and through nightly conversations with my teachers over Zoom (in response to COVID-19), I learned the importance of strong langauge skills in understanding cultural nuances and how topics are understood in different countries, such as gender equality and health protocols.  

Favorite travel advice: Don’t be afraid to try new things! Often, the things that scare us the most end up being the most rewarding. 

E-Advising Topics: Traveling as a Woman, Religion, Language Learning, Financing Your Trip Abroad

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