Alumni Ambassador Summer 2020

AC Study Abroad Program: RLASP Spring 2020

Host City: Moscow

Home University: University of Mississippi

I studied abroad because I wanted to broaden my understanding of Russian culture and the language itself. The AC Study Abroad Program does a fantastic job of supplementing classroom learning with excursions and cultural events. At first, I was nervous because I had never been abroad before, but I was quickly welcomed by all of the people I met during my time in Moscow. My favorite experience was the night we found out we had to leave because of the Coronavirus. We were all crying and sad, but we all reminisced on the things we did during the course of our time abroad and discussed meeting again in the future. I am so glad I took advantage of everyday I had in Russia, and I recommend that every student make the most of their time abroad.  

Favorite travel advice: Explore and take advantage of every day! 

E-Advising Topics: General Program Inquiries, Remote Learning, Mental Health and Wellness, Living with a Host Family, Physical Health and Wellness, First Time Abroad, Traveling as a Woman, Language Learning

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